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Patient Resources

Helpful links for women

The American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Latest recommendations on infection & disease prevention

Summerlin Hospital & Medical Center: Obstetrical/surgical pre-registration & prenatal classes

Mountain View Hospital: Obstetrical/surgical pre-registration & prenatal classes

in-office permanent sterilization Info

5 year progesterone releasing IUD info

10 year non-hormonal IUD info

vaginal hormonal contraceptive Info

3 year hormonal sub-dermal contraceptive Info

Info on the eudiometrical hydrothermal ablation procedure for heavy menstrual periods.

Latest in surgical robotic surgery (MonaLisa Touch, Da Vinci, Etc.)

Breastfeeding supports groups & consultants

Food pyramid guidelines & Healthy Eating

Local photographer who specializes in capturing the beauty of maternity, newborns, childhood, & families

Helpful Books