The Ob-Gyn Center

At the Ob-Gyn Center of Las Vegas, you will find a comfortable, warm and professional setting for your obstetrical and gynecological care. We care for women of all age groups, with attention to their age specific preventative care needs.

About Us

At this care center, our trio of physicians believe in providing the highest quality of comprehensive health care to women and children of diverse ages in a compassionate environment. Our personalized, compassionate journey started on April 5th 2000 with Dr. Anita Gondy’s desire to provide high quality care to women and children while enjoying independence in practice. A few years later, Dr. Saovaros Michaels and Dr. Henry Luh joined the practice to further the vision and cause.  All of us are committed in making your visit the most positive experience while taking care of your health issues with utmost care. Our physicians believe in delivering customized care to women of all ages as they move through different stages of life.

Our Passion

At The Ob Gyn Center, we are all passionate about our commitment in advancing women’s health. We constantly strive to advance our technology, keep up to date on the most current medical information, and acquire and perfect new surgical techniques.  We balance our time commitment between obstetrics and gynecology services. We offer a wide spectrum of services in Obsterics and Gynecology, including select high risk pregnancy care, in-office ultrasound services, as well as in-office surgical procedures. We take pride in advancing your health.

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